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Want to milk a cow - Milking a cow can be fun but messy if you do it wrong! Dairy cows are the main source we humans get for our milk.
Milking a Goat - Goat milk averages thirty five percent fatty acids, making it more nutritionally wholesome.
Humans - Breast milk is the milk produced by the breasts of a human female for her baby. Milk is the primary source of nutrition for newborns.
Milking a Snake - You can "milk" venomous snakes, but this has nothing to do with actual milk. It means collecting the venom.
Pig Milk - Pig milk is high in fat - around 8.5 percent! Sows are very difficult to milk. They have around 14 teats.
Milking an Elephant - Humans cannot digest elephant milk because our bodies simply can not absorb the loaded nutrients it contains.
Milking a Dog - Dogs do not lactate until their pups are born or a few days prior, but some can secrete a little milk a month or two before.
Milking a Cat - You can milk any mammal except a Platypus, yes even a cat.
Milking a Lion - You can milk a lioness, but its something best left to trained professionals.
Milking a Gorilla - The company Barnana says that Gorilla milk is a "Super-Food"

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